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UPM permanently idles Chapelle Darblay mill

19 Jun 2020 − After weeks of downtime and months of reduced production, the Chapelle Darblay newsprint mill in France will finally close its doors. UPM agreed on a social contract with employees.» more


Norske Skog to enter recycled containerboard market

17 Jun 2020 − Machine conversions at Bruck and Golbey mills are said to reduce newsprint capacity by 360,000 tpy as of the end of 2022.» more

40 per cent of Resolute's newsprint capacities are down

15 Jun 2020 − Several newsprint manufacturers in North America are currently taking downtime as demand weakens. Resolute Forest Products has taken 40 per cent of its capacities from the market by halting two mills.» more

Verso idles two mills for indefinite period of time

12 Jun 2020 − Drastic times call for drastic measures: Verso will shut down two of its four paper mills until further notice, slashing 40 per cent of its capacities. » more