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Turkey sees slump in waste paper collections amid Covid-19 expansion

07 Apr 2020 − Recovered paper availability in Turkey has deteriorated amid the coronavirus crisis as there are problems with collections. Waste paper imports had increased last year but have also shrunk of late.» more


Price for mixed paper positive again in the UK

07 Apr 2020 − Given the very dynamic market situation, EUWID decided to publish an interim report for the British recovered paper market (RCP).» more

UK Recycling Association: "Keep up recycling collections from households"

27 Mar 2020 − Collection volumes in the UK have dropped significantly. This is not only due to the closure of many businesses, shops and restaurants, but also the fact that some local councils have already suspended recycling...» more

40 per cent of waste paper sorting plants in France closed

27 Mar 2020 − Sorting and recycling activity in France is severly hit by the impacts of coronavirus. Recovered paper supply is therefore expected to fall and prices to rise.» more