All pulp grades become more expensive in April

Price development for BSK pulp from Scandinavia and Canada
Price development for BSK pulp from Scandinavia and Canada
04 May 2021 − 

Solid demand around the globe, scant supply and a tight market as a result helped pulp manufacturers to enjoy resounding success in their efforts to charge more in April, too.

Therefore, an end to the price rally on the pulp market is not on the horizon at the moment. Market players continue to describe supply of northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp as strained, with no material above and beyond contracts available on the market. So it came as no surprise that the sixth price increase in a row since October 2020 has now taken effect. And manufacturers have already unveiled additional price hikes for May.

A similar picture is emerging on the hardwood pulp market. Demand is strong, and supply is scant, which underpinned another increase in eucalyptus pulp prices in April. There are no signs of this upward spiral ending any time soon, either: the world's largest hardwood pulp producer had announced plans early on in April to increase European prices for deliveries from May onwards. Other suppliers are already on board with these plans, insiders told EUWID.

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