Bracell starts up new dissolving pulp line in Brazil

Made in Brazil
Project Star will increase Bracell's dissolving pulp capacity by 1.5 million t.
14 Sep 2021 − 

Project Star nears completion. First sheet of pulp produced on 9 September.

Dissolving wood pulp and specialty pulp producer Bracell has commissioned the first of its two new fibre lines at the Lençóis Paulista pulp mill in Brazil’s São Paulo state. The first batch of pulp was produced on 9 September, Bracell announced via its social media channels. The company did not comment on the start-up of the second fibre line.

According to Bracell, the company's two new hardwood fibre lines at the Lençóis Paulista pulp mill (Project Star) are designed as swing machines and thus able to produce either dissolving wood pulp or bleached eucalyptus kraft pulp. Total production capacity of the two fibre lines, when running at full capacity, amounts at 2.75 million tpy of bleached kraft pulp or 1.5 million tpy of dissolving pulp. The latter will be mainly used for in-house conversion into viscose, the company added.

The existing 250,000 tpy BEK pulp line at the Lençóis Paulista will continue producing pulp, according to the company.

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