CEO Lars Idermark to leave Södra

Södra CEO Lard Idermark, photo courtesy of Södra
Södra CEO Lars Idermark, photo courtesy of Södra
30 Jan 2020 − 

Södra President and CEO Lars Idermark will be leaving the company. The company has initiated a recruitment process to find a new president and CEO.

"Now that a new Group strategy is in place for the coming years, it feels like the right time to leave Södra. I will also be turning 63 and would like time for other things in life after nearly 30 years as manager and CEO in various companies and industries. There are also private reasons for my decision," said Mr Idermark.

Lars Idermark was appointed to Södra’s Board in 1999 but stepped down when his term of office expired in 2010. He was appointed President and CEO in December 2012 and took office in May the following year, tasked with finding a profitable direction at a time when the entire forest industry was being hit hard by recession.

"Idermark led the delivery of a new group strategy that put Södra on track for one of its most successful and profitable periods," writes Södra.

Chairman Lena Ek will lead the recruitment process for Idermark’s successor.

“Södra Skogsägarna’s 52,000 dedicated family forest owners, more than 3,000 employees and 1,800 contracted employees have much to thank Lars for. Södra is now a stable, profitable, sustainable and innovative company. His open and generous style of leadership has characterised the Group and created a sense of belonging and optimism. We will to continue to work in the same spirit,” said Ek.

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