Cereal starch prices unchanged in first-quarter contracts

EUWID Price Watch Western Europe: price development for native corn starch Q1 2017 - Q4 2018.
Source: EUWID
10 Jan 2019 − 

Producers of wheat and corn starch failed to meet their price targets for the first quarter of 2019.

The upward trend in cereal starch prices that had been registered throughout the entire of 2018 has markedly slowed at the turn of the year. Supply and demand returned to a state of equilibrium and the calm settled in on the market for native cereal starches in Western Europe, according to EUWID sources.

Against this background, starch producers had difficulties in increasing their prices for deliveries in the first quarter of 2019. Only where agreements were signed in the summer and valid for the entire second half of 2018, sale prices were caught up to current levels with sometimes significant mark-ups as of January 2019.

This is an excerpt of EUWID Pulp and Paper's quarterly report on the native starch market in Western Europe. Subscribers to the print and e-paper editions will find the entire article in EUWID Pulp and Paper issue 01/02.2019.

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