Delfort to build new paper machine at Traun mill

Picture shows a paper machine at Delfort's Austrian subsidiary Franz Feurstein in Traun.
Specialty paper machine at Delfort's subsidiary Franz Feurstein in Austria.
13 Feb 2020 − 

Specialty paper manufacturer Delfort plans to boost capacity at its Feurstein facility in Traun. A new paper machine is anticipated to start-up in 2022.

Delfort’s subsidiary Franz Feurstein runs three paper machines at the specialty paper mill in Traun, Austria. Delfort plans to install a new paper machine at the site and increase the mill's capacity to more than 165,000 tpy.

The Traun mill produces cigarette paper grades and technical fine papers for packaging applications. Feurstein mill is considered a leading provider of lightweight packaging paper solutions, according to the company.

Delfort’s corporate policy aims at keeping all plants, machines and processes at the state of the art, a company spokesperson explained. The company received necessary permits from the authorities to enlarge the Traun site and pave the way for its further expansion, she said.

Delfort did not comment on the total cost of the Traun expansion project.

The Traun mill expansion project is not the only major project currently undertaken by the Delfort group. Another project is currently being finalised at Delfort’s subsidiary OP Papírna in Olšany. The new thin print paper machine PM 6 is scheduled for start up in early summer this 2020.

This is an excerpt from an article on Delfort group and its capacity expansion projects in Austria and teh Czech Republic. The full article will be published in EUWID Pulp and Paper issue 7.2020 on 12 February.

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