Delfort to start up new PM 6 at Olšany mill in early summer

Photo shows detail of specialty paper production at Delfort group's mill in Vietnam.
Delfort group produces specialty papers at six paper mills
in Austria,Czech Republic Hungary,Finland,and Vietnam
10 Feb 2020 − 

Paper machine PM 6 will increase capacity at Czech subsidiary OP Papírna by more than 2,000 km², says Austria's speciality paper group Delfort.

Austria's speciality paper group Delfort is currently installing a new paper machine at its subsidiary OP Papírna in Olšany in the Czech Republic. The new thin print paper machine PM 6 is scheduled for start-up in early summer, according to a company spokesperson.

The new PM 6 will specialise in the production of thin print paper, but can also produce other speciality paper grades due to its design and equipment, the company spokesperson explained.

When the expansion project in OP Papírna was announced in October 2017, the company put its total cost at €150m. The new PM 6 would increase the mill's capacity by 2,000 km² per year, the company stated at that time.

OP Papírna employs 470 people at the Olšany mill and currently runs three paper machines with a total capacity of 70,000 tpy. The mill produces thin print paper and cigarete paper.

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