Employees trying to take over
idled Crèvecoeur mill in France

11 Jun 2019 − 

The liquidation of the Crèvecoeur mill in France had caused an uproar among employees. Some of them are now developing a business plan for a potential takeover.

There might eventually be a future for the Crèvecoeur security paper mill in France, which was liquidated at the end of January. A union spokesperson told EUWID that former employees of the mill were developing a business plan in order to take over the mill. A takeover offer was reportedly presented at the commercial court of Nanterre in early May, with the court recently extending the deadline for finalising the business plan until the end of summer.

At the moment, though, the financial means are not yet sufficient to allow the project to be realised. According to the union, another €15-20m is needed, meaning that other investors will have to join.

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