Ence resumes production at Navia mill after rebuild

18 Nov 2019 − 

Ence has increased its capacities for eucalyptus pulp at the Navia mill in Spain. After a rebuild, the facilities can now produce 620,000 tpy of pulp.

The pulp mill belonging to Energia y Celulose (Ence) in Navia, Spain, has resumed production. During a month-long downtime, the "Navia 80" project to increase efficiency and expand capacity was completed, the company announced on 12 November. Now that the project is complete, production capacity at the Navia mill has risen to 620,000 tpy of eucalyptus pulp, according to Ence.

The company invested €113m in the project, which aimed at improving nearly all industrial processes at the mill. It reportedly spent €35m alone on reducing and minimising the plant's environmental impact. This included optimising water consumption, improving effluent quality, eradicating odours and minimising noise.

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