EU introduces definitive anti-dumping duties on certain lightweight thermal paper imports from South Korea

05 May 2017 − 

EC rejects request by the Hansol group to exempt phenol-free thermal paper from the scope of products covered by anti-dumping measures.

The European Commission (EC) has instituted definitive anti-dumping (AD) duties on imports of certain lightweight thermal paper (LWTP) from the Republic of South Korea. According to the EC, the regulation entered into force on 4 May and shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all member states.

The definitive AD duty rate is set at 10.3 % and is imposed on imports of certain LWTP weighing 65 g/m² or less, with or without a base coat on one or both sides, coated with a thermo-sensitive substance on one or both sides and either with or without a top coat. The paper is offered in rolls of a width of 20 cm or more and a diameter of 40 cm or more (jumbo rolls), weighing 50 kg or more.

The anti-dumping duty applies on both phenol-containing and phenol-free LWTP. The Commission rejected the request by South Korea's Hansol group to exclude phenol-free thermal paper from the scope of products due to its different chemical composition, production processes and consumer perception.

The AD investigation was initiated on 18 February 2016, following a complaint lodged by the European Thermal Paper Association (ETPA) on behalf of producers representing more than 25 % of the total Union production of certain LWTP. On 16 November last year, the Commission has instituted a provisional anti-dumping duty on certain LWTP originating in South Korea.

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