Fedrigoni curbs paper output as virus dampens demand

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Bain Capital's Fedrigoni will take temporary downtime to adapt output
at its paper mills in northern and central Italy to lower paper demand.
21 Apr 2020 − 

Pressure sensitive labels business not negatively affected by coronavirus crisis. Self-adhesive materials in high demand.

Italy's graphic and specialty paper manufacturer Fedrigoni, a Bain Capital subsidiary, plans to curb production of the Paper division in order to adapt output to dwindling demand amid the coronavirus crisis. The production curtailment will involve all the company's paper mills in Italy, viz. Verona, Arco, Varone, Scurelle, Cordenons, Fabriano, Pioraco and Rochetta, and will initially be implemented at a couple of days in April and May.

Fedrigoni said it had already informed the employee representatives about the necessity for temporary downtime and output cuts at the company's paper mills.

The Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) division, which is offering self-adhesive labels and materials for logistic and packaging applications in the food and pharma industries for example, is not negatively affected by the coronavirus crisis. Self-adhesives labels business is currently experiencing strong order intake and the company has expanded its capacities to respnd to the surge in demand for self-adhesive products, Fedrigoni explained.

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