Fire stops publication paper machine at Stora Enso's Anjala mill

13 Jul 2017 − 

No major downtime expected, other PM is fine

A fire that broke out while maintenance work was carried out stopped PM 2 at Stora Enso's Anjala mill in Finland. A company person confirmed that on Wednesday morning hydraulic fluid caught fire, however the fire was brought under control quickly and was extinguished before noon. One person that was exposed to smoke was brought in hospital, no other serious injuries were reported.

PM 2 at Anjalankoski is producing book paper and MFC paper. The machine will probably be stopped for a couple of days and might be up and running again on the weekend, the company person explained. The mill's other paper machine, PM 3, was reportedly not damaged and is running. Total capacity of the mill is about 435,000 tpy of book paper and improved newsprint.

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