France: Corrugated case material producers set their sights on charging more in March

Recycled fluting prices in France declined until January
26 Feb 2020 − 

Paper producers think that the market situation has improved.

Most corrugated case material cost the same in February as it had in January on the French market in the wake of resurgent demand in the first six weeks of the year, lower inventories and a few manufacturers’ announcements of plans to charge more. Brown recycled corrugated case material producers said that demand had risen slightly in France over the past few weeks. What is more, manufacturers were receiving more enquiries from and delivering more to markets outside Europe. Prices for these transactions are said to be pointing higher again too. 

A few manufacturers are now trying to invoice more for brown recycled containerboard shipments in early or mid-March after the first announcements of plans to charge more in February had no impact. Paper producers said that the market had shifted to favour them a little. They think that prices bottomed out in January and February and that therefore buyers are not running down their inventories as much and are no longer buying the bare minimum, either. Several buyers have a different opinion and are highlighting low recovered paper prices, which led them to believe that price hikes were unnecessary. Paper manufacturers are still optimistic, though, that supply and demand will send prices higher.

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