India introduces 10% import duty on newsprint and LWC

Larger part of India's newsprint requirements is met through imports.
11 Jul 2019 − 

The Indian government has withdrawn the exemption from the basic customs duty (BCD) on publication paper imports. The measure is part of the country's 2019/2020 budget and applies as of 6 July 2019.

The BCD exemption on imports of newsprint, and uncoated and lighweight-coated (LWC) magazine paper has been valid since 30 June 2017. The withdrawal of the exemption will result in a 10% custom tariffs on publication paper.

The government also introduced a 5% BCD tariff on printed books and manuals.

India is largely dependent on publication paper imports and the new tariffs are expected to result in higher cost for printers and publishers. The Indian Newspaper Society immediately reacted asking the government to cancel the tariffs on newsprint and magazine paper imports.

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