K&N Paper exits insolvency proceedings

08 May 2018 − 

New CEO at K&N Paper to focus on developing and strengthening the company's strategic positioning as speciality paper producer.

German publication, packaging and speciality paper manufacturer Kübler & Niethammer Papierfabrik Kriebstein (K&N Paper) has emerged from the insolvency proceedings to become a part of the Premium Pulp & Paper group. The shareholders of Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper have reportedly injected a substantial amount of capital to put the insolvent K&N Paper back on a solid foundation. Insolvency proceedings were closed in April 2018 upon successful conclusion of a restructuring plan, the company explained.

Companies of the group will cooperate in the areas of sales, energy, purchasing and R&D. Publication paper such as LWC and improved newsprint made by K&N Paper is to be distributed by Kabel while speciality paper grades will be sold through a separate technical marketing division.

The company's speciality papers portfolio includes wet-strength labels, backer paper, book-printing paper and digital printing paper. A new grade of wet-strength label paper suited made from 100% recycled fibre suited for food applications is reportedly in the launch phase.

New CEO to drive change towards specialities

At the end of April K&N Paper has appointed Michael Boschert as new CEO effective 1 June 2018. Boschert comes from the Koehler Group where he headed up the Kehl site. His focus in the coming years would be to develop and strengthen the strategic positioning of K&N Paper as a speciality paper manufacturer, the company explained.

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