Metsä Board postpones decision on Husum investment

Photo courtesy of Metsä Group
29 Aug 2019 − 

Metsä Board is considering a €300m upgrade at its Swedish Husum mill, which is currently being examined. Now the company reported that a final decision would be postponed.

The company announced that the final decision on the realisation of the first project phase would not be made towards the end of this year, as originally announced, but in the second quarter of 2020 at the earliest.

Metsä Board wants to modernise pulp production at the Husum mill. This includes, in a first phase, the installation of a new recovery boiler and a turbine to replace old technology at the site. The review is taking longer than expected because it turned out that the new recovery boiler will require an amendment in the existing environmental permit, the company explains.

In a second phase, Metsä Board plans to replace the two old fibre lines with a new pulp mill. The site's pulp capacity, which currently amounts to around 750,000 tpy, would stay the same after the investment, but manufacturing costs would be slashed, according to Metsä Board. Less time would be needed for maintenance and power generation from biomass would double. The mill could thus generate 80 per cent of the power it needed in-house, the company says.

Mestä Board might also invest in cartonboard production at Husum. The company is eying an investment which would allow for an increase in cartonboard capacities. The site can currently produce up to 400,000 tpy of cartonboard and 250,000 tpy of white-top kraftliner.

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