Newsprint producers are taking a hard stance in price negotiations on the market in Germany

Newsprint producers are selling cheap
Source: EUWID
09 Jan 2018 − 

Paper factories say they will follow through with the price hike of 10-12% and will only deliver contracted paper volumes as of January.

Newsprint manufacturers say the current situation on the German market is different than in previous price rounds. In their negotiations on the terms and conditions for deliveries in 2018, they are taking a hard stance and will not back down from their announced price plans.

Many buyers confirm to EUWID that paper factories are taking a stringent and sometimes even rigorous approach when it comes to newsprint prices in 2018 contracts. They are "playing hardball", commented market watchers. In many cases, printing companies had given in to the demands of the paper industry to ensure they could get deliveries in the new year.

Some buyers, however, question whether the current supply bottlenecks are merely a temporary phenomenon and market conditions will ease in the near future. They cast doubt on the frequent talk of a speedy conclusion to the negotiation round and assert that despite all efforts by the newsprint industry "the price for 2018 has not yet been set".

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