No change to German kraftliner prices so far in April

Price Watch Germany: price development for unbleached kraftliner from Scandinavia 175 g in €/t.
17 Apr 2012 − 

Following a price hike in March, most unbleached kraftliner prices remained unchanged on the German market. Negotiations on hikes to prices of white-top kraftliner have not yielded any results by the middle of April.

Most prices for unbleached kraftliner remained unchanged on the German market, following a 30€/t price increase in March. Only a few suppliers reported minor price hikes for unbleached kraftliner being realised in individual cases in the first two weeks of April.

Producers are sticking firm to their plans of raising kraftliner prices by another €30/t to reach the announced 60-80€/t price increase as soon as possible. Whether the price negotiations in Germany will gain impetus from the closure of Peterson’s kraftliner mill in Moss will become clear in the coming weeks. The Moss mill in Norway has a capacity of 280,000 t of unbleached kraftliner. The export quota of the mill amounts to around 90%.

Negotiations on hikes to white-top kraftliner prices have not yielded any results by the middle of April. Several suppliers have announced hikes of €60-80/t which were intended to come into force in April. Delivery periods have reportedly slightly increased in the last weeks.

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