Norske Skog to enter recycled containerboard market

Announcement of a new project in the packaging paper segment
With Norske Skog another publication paper manufacturer
will try its luck on the packaging paper market.
17 Jun 2020 − 

Paper machine conversions at Bruck and Golbey mills are said to reduce newsprint capacity by 360,000 tpy as of the end of 2022.

Newsprint and magazine paper manufacturer Norske Skog is ready to venture into packaging paper business. The company plans to convert two newsprint machines at the mills in Golbey, France and Bruck, Austria into 765,000 tpy of recycled containerboard production.

The two projects would reduce newsprint production capacity by 360,000 tpy, improving and optimising the group's publication paper cash flows, Norske Skog explained.

According to Norske Skog, development of brownfield conversion projects will limit the total cost of investment to approximately €350m during 2021-2023.

The final investment decision is expected for the first half of next year. The start up of is scheduled for the first half 2023. Norske Skog said it would focus on the main recycled containerboard grades, producing brown testliner in basis weights of 90-200 g/m² and recycled fluting in basis weights of 75-170 g/m².

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