Palm starts up new recycled containerboard machine in Germany

Palm Paper's new giant PM 5 substitutes three
smaller paper machnes at Aalen mill.
07 Jul 2021 − 

New PM 5 replaces three older machines and will almost double the production capacity at the Aalen mill.

Germany's packaging paper and newsprint manufacturer Palm has commissioned its new recycled containerboard machine PM 5 at the company's headquarter and parent plan in Aalen-Neukochen, 80 km east of Stuttgart. According to Palm, PM 5 is already "in continuos production" and the company is supplying customers with paper from the new machine.

PM 5 has a trimmed width of 10.9 m and is geared for a production capacity of 750,000 tpy. The new production line replaces three older paper machine with a total capacity of 380,000 tpy.

The three machines have been sold to Bangladesh and dismantling of the equipment was already in progress, the company announced.

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