Pulp manufacturers announce further price hikes for February deliveries in Western Europe

Price development for bleached softwood pulp from Scandinavia and Canada in €/t
Source: EUWID
24 Jan 2018 − 

The balance on the pulp market in Europe is unchanged compared with December. New hikes have meanwhile been announced on top of the record prices manufacturer had already put through.

Softwood pulp manufacturers in northern Europe are struggeling with raw material supply as the unusually warm winter makes it difficult to harvest pulpwood. Pulp inventories could not be replenished and pulp supply is still very tight. Market insiders talking to EUWID therefore expect that manufacturers will be able to put their newest price plans into practice witout meeting much resistance.

In the hardwood pulp segment some converters said they saw first signs of a weakening market in China and hope for this trend to spread to Europe in the coming weeks. 

This article is an excerpt from EUWID's monthly report on Western European pulp markets. The full article is published in EUWID Pulp and Paper issue 04.2017.

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