Recovered paper prices heading down again in Italy

Mixed paper and board (1.02) is tending
towards zero prices in Italy. Source: EUWID
26 Nov 2019 − 

Plentiful supply and low prices were shaping business for ordinary recovered paper grades in Italy during November.

Supply pressure is constantly growing on Italy's recovered paper market. Lower prices for all key grades were inevitable in November, although many EUWID sources noted that their main concern was not prices but finding buyers.

Warehouses are full. It is not a matter of chance that several merchants reported recent visits from fire safety authorities to make sure that the amounts that businesses had on stock did not exceed the maximum amounts allowed under their permits.

December does not look to have an improvement in store, either. Some sources expressed grave concerns about sales opportunities for recovered paper in the coming month.

Italy's recyclers' association Unirima is also drawing attention to excess supply on the domestic market which could block regular recycling activities at waste management companies.

This article is an excerpt from our market report on the recovered paper market in Italy. EUWID Price Watch Italy for November and the relevant market report will be published in EUWID Pulp and Paper no 48 on 27 November.

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