Rottneros posts SEK39m profit in first half-year

Rottneros Vallvik mill
Source: Rottneros
23 Jul 2014 − 

Rottneros has improved its half-year results compared to the first six months of 2013. The company benefited from higher pulp prices and lower operating costs.

Rottneros has emerged from the red. After posting an operating loss of SEK22m and a net loss of SEK24m in the first half of 2013, the company's operating an net result in the first six months of this year were positive at SEK53m and SEK39m. In the second quarter, the pulp manufacturer improved results compared to both the prior-year and previous two quarters continuing its positive trend.

Improved sales, which in the first half increased by SEK50m year-on-year to SEK773m, helped the pulp manufacturer to raise its profits. Rottneros shipped 2% more pulp to its customers in the first six months of 2014 than it did in the same period last year and its deliveries totalled 176,700 t. Moreover, the price for NBSK pulp rose by 10% in the first half to an average of US$920 or SEK6,007, according to the company.

Rottneros particularly benefited from lower operating costs in the course of the year. For example, the company spent SEK427m on raw materials and consumables, which is SEK60m less than in the first half-year of 2013. The manufacturer also pointed to improved production stability at its mills during the period which it says resulted in lower direct costs.

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