Sappi Europe to temporary halt PM 7 at Lanaken paper mill

Jumbo reel rack at Sappi Lanaken coated woodfree and magazine paper mill in Belgium.
Lanaken paper mill curtails output as coronavirus crisis dampens demand.
Photo copyright Sappi Europe
16 Apr 2020 − 

Sappi will suspend production on one paper machine at the Lanaken coated woodfree and magazine paper mill in order to adapt output to falling demand.

According to Sappi, production on coated fine paper machine PM 7 will be temporarily stopped in reaction to the current lower demand for graphic papers caused by the effects of Covid-19. The downtime is to start in week 17, but the group did not specify on how long the production downtime would last.

The group’s other 10 facilities remain operational with high attention being paid to the health and safety of the group’s employees and communities around the sites, a company spokesperson said.

With Sappi Lanaken another paper mill is adapting output to receding demand as Covid-19 pandemic cripples printing and publishing business in major markets across Europe.

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