SCA to file environmental permit application for Östrand biorefinery project

Biofuels are sparking major interest among Nordic pulp and paper companies.
14 Mar 2019 − 

SCA plans to produce bio-based transportation fuels and green chemicals at the industrial complex in Östrand.

SCA is pursuing its plan to build a large-scale biorefinery at the Östrand site. "In December, we announced that an important milestone had been achieved with the detailed development plan for the biorefinery gaining legal force. Now it is time for the next milestone - to submit the environmental permit application to the Land and Environmental Court in Östersund," the company announced.

SCA stressed that so far no decision has been made on the construction of the Östrand biorefinery.

In the 2018 annual report published at the end of February 2019, SCA said that its long-term goal was to manufacture "liquid biofuel from residual forest products of 260,000 m³, a volume corresponding to all fuel used in domestic flights in Sweden."

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