Suppliers announce further hikes to recycled containerboard prices in the UK

Price development for fluting 100 g in the UK, figured in €/t
Source: EUWID
23 Oct 2013 − 

Prices for recycled corrugated case material in the UK are set to rise again. Suppliers plan to increase prices as of November and point to good demand and scant supply.

Recycled containerboard will possibly become more expensive again in the UK. A few suppliers announced plans to raise prices throughout Europe in November. This came after brown recycling paper prices increased as recently as August and September.

This step did not meet with a warm reception from converters, as could have been expected. Buyers described it as "profiteering" and intended to put up strenuous resistance at any rate. Their minimum goal is to delay the increases and reduce them, especially as the pound Sterling is very strong at present. However, buyers would prefer to avoid a second round of price hikes this year.

According to market participants, British demand for recycled corrugated case material remains robust and has even improved compared with October. Insiders described availability as pretty scant, especially for lighter-weight paper. This comes against a backdrop of machinery troubles facing one manufacturer that delayed deliveries. Industry and converters have low amounts on stock.


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