Uncoated woodfree papers under pressure in Poland

Price development for UWF Sheets in Poland
Source: EUWID Pulp and Paper
01 Oct 2013 − 

The Polish market for uncoated woodfree papers is in uproar due to heavy price cuts granted by one supplier. As a result, prices are coming under downward pressure. Copy paper saw a slight decline in consumption in 2013 and prices softened a little during the summer.

One leading local manufacturer caused a stir on the Polish market for uncoated woodfree paper by undertaking massive price cuts. The reductions primarily applied to offset grades as of September and exceeded the mark-downs that had been granted as summer discounts by other market participants. The price cuts applied for both sheets and offset reels, with the price gap between highest und lowest prices widening.

As a result, the downward pressure on prices increased as other market players who were still trying to stand their ground continued to lose market share.

The situation was said to be slightly better for copy paper, although insiders expect 2013 to see a slight decline in consumption for the first time in ages. Prices also fell over the summer months. It remains to be seen if suppliers will be able to increase their prices for copy and offset papers during the fourth quarter.

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