Italy's Unirima fears a logjam on the recovered paper market

Warehouses at Italian waste management
companies and recyclers are full to the brim.
26 Nov 2019 − 

Italy's recyclers' association Unirima sounds the alarm again. Now, Unirima is drawing attention to a looming blockade to paper recycling activities in Italy due to exces supply and lacking sales channels.

The association stressed that the enormous supply pressure could soon lead to recycling companies being unable to absorb any more quantities. Unirima explained that the waste management companies in Italy, which receive material from the municipalities and the commercial collection, were currently flooded with paper for recycling, as they were lacking adequate sales outlets.

China, the main buyer of surplus RCP from Italy over the past 15 years, has drastically cut its import quotas. The problem is being exacerbated by insufficient production capacities at recycled paper mills that did not increase to the same extent as the RCP collection volumes, Unirima explained.

As a result, certain RCP grades are fetching very low prices or cannot be sold at all, according to Unirima. The price for old corrugated contain-ers (OCC, 1.05) in Italy reportedly fell by 75 per cent between January and October 2019.

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