VPK converts PM at Alizay mill in the second half of 2022

18 Oct 2021 − 

Production of recycled corrugated case material is to start at the end of next year.

VPK Group announced that it would carry out the rebuild of the existing fine paper machine at the Double A Alizay mill in France in the second half of next year. The company ordered with Valmet the conversion of the existing line into a PM for recycled corrugated case material with a capacity of 450.000 tpy an a width of 8.8 m. It will produce lightweight grades in a range of 70-135 g/m2 and is expected to start running at the end of 2022.

An on-site corrugator will produce corrugated packaging, especially for protective e-commerce purposes, meeting demand from of e-commerce centres nearby. VPK says that corrugated packaging production will start in the third quarter of 2022, four months ahead of the paper machine.

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