VPK Packaging plans new PM for recycled containerboard

Photo courtesy of VPK Packaging
12 Jan 2018 − 

The European market will see several new containerboard capacities coming on stream in the years to come. VPK Packaging has now also announced plans for a new PM, aiming at increasing its integration rate.

Belgian company VPK Packaging is poised to increase its containerboard capacities. The company announced it was planning to install a new machine for lightweight recycled containerboard with a capacity of 400,000 tpy by 2020.

The location for the new PM is not yet clear, but VPK says that the Bluepaper site in Strasbourg is likely to be chosen due to the possibility of leveraging synergies with the infrastructure and papermaking expertise there.

With the investment, VPK aims primarily at increasing its integration rate, pointing to the fact that its packaging division has experienced a significant expansion. Only recently the company has announced an expansion of its Polish Radomsko corrugated packaging plant. In October last year, the company acquired a 30% stake in corrugated sheet manufacturer Corrboard in the UK. Further acquisitions include Dutch Solidpack at the beginning of 2017 and Norwegian Peterson Packaging in 2016.

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