Burgo Duino paper mill workers strike after accident

Workers staged a strike at Burgo's Duino paper mill
to protest the working accident resulting in three injuries.
06 May 2020 − 

Production at the Burgo Duino magazine paper mill was down due to lack of orders when the accident occured.

On 5 May, workers at the Burgo Duino LWC paper mill in Italy walked out on a one-day strike to call attention to the working conditions at the site. The strike was organised by the combined trade union body RSU after three workers have been injured in an accident the day before.

According to information from the rescue services, the three workers were working on a platform at the paper machine when this collapsed. Production at the mill was down for a week due to lack of orders at the time of the accident, local media reported.

Burgo Group confirmed the 4 May accident at the Duino paper mill near Trieste. The three workers had already been discharged from the hospital, a company spokesperson explained. According to Burgo, the staff was working to prepare the start-up of the paper machine, which had been standing idle for a few days. The group expects production at the Duino paper mill to resume sometime this week.

Burgo is not excluding taking additional downtime at the Duino and other publication and graphic paper mills if the current sutuation continues. The group is monitoring the downturn in demand for graphic papers and is managing the activities of the production sites accordingly, the company spokesperson said.

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