RCP exports to Indonesia to resume in January?

12 Dec 2019 − Stakeholders in recovered paper markets hope exports to Indonesia can be resumed as of January next year.» more


China’s recovered paper import policy has huge impact on US market

11 Dec 2019 − China considers complete ban on imports of all recovered paper grades by the end of 2020» more

No more cuts to pulp prices in November

11 Dec 2019 − The downslide in pulp prices has come to a halt. Suppliers and converters agreed relatively quickly on unchanged prices for both softwood und hardwood pulp in November. » more

Stora Enso to explore bio-plastics production at Langerbrugge mill

10 Dec 2019 − Stora Enso is looking into the production of new bio-based barrier materials for food and beverage packaging applications.» more

Woodfree coated paper producers aim for stable prices in Germany despite price pressure

10 Dec 2019 − Coated fine paper manufacturers are facing challenges in the light of low pulp prices but many a supplier is not willing to talk about renewed price cuts. » more

STI Group will continue as family business

09 Dec 2019 − Dr Kristina Stabernack, owner of German STI Group, has reversed her decision to sell the company.» more


Ence considers postponement of Navia expansion projects

06 Dec 2019 − Ence has big plans for its Navia pulp mill. Fluff pulp and dissolving pulp are planned to be produced in the future. But at the moment, the company's priority is to reduce costs.» more

Stora Enso considers job cuts at Varkaus kraftliner mill

04 Dec 2019 − Stora Enso's Varkaus kraftliner mill might have to lay off some employees. The company will discuss the possible elimination of up to 55 jobs at the site.» more