German paper mills register 3 per cent production drop in 2019

05 Mar 2020 − Germany's packaging paper and board industry increased output and deliveries in 2019 on strong export business. Sales down by 11 per cent y-o-y.» more


Germany reports good demand for woodfree paper in February

05 Mar 2020 − Strike in the pulp and paper industry in Finland left its mark on the woodfree paper markets in Germany. Manufacturers announce price hikes for Q2.» more

Price hikes for softwood pulp grades only partially implemented in February

05 Mar 2020 − Although not all price negotiations were concluded by the last week of February, prices of softwood pulp are appearently rising, while hardwood pulp prices remain stable. The industry watches the spread of the...» more

Price cuts on Italy's fine paper market
despite announcements for hikes

04 Mar 2020 − Some price increase announcements have been made for fine paper deliveries in Italy from April. Nevertheless, prices in February went in the opposite direction, with respondents reporting cuts. » more

Reno de Medici restarts board production at Villa Santa Lucia mill

03 Mar 2020 − RDM had to interrupt production at the Villa Santa Lucia board mill for 23 days after it was blocked from using the Cosilam sewage tretament facility.» more

Burgo and Lecta announce higher prices for fine paper

03 Mar 2020 − Two more suppliers have informed their customers of imminent price increases of 5-7 per cent for both coated and uncoated woodfree sheets and reels. » more


Pro-Gest's Villa Lagarina containerboard and tissue mill up and running again

02 Mar 2020 − Pro-Gest has resumed production at the Villa Lagarina recycled containerboard and tissue mill. The machines had been down for about ten days.» more

Ence postpones investments after difficult year for pulp segment

02 Mar 2020 − After a difficult financial year 2019, Ence decided to postpone investments in the pulp segment and focus on cost and debt reduction.» more

Production stop at Pro-Gest containerboard and tissue mill in Italy

28 Feb 2020 − Pro-Gest's recycled containerboard and tissue mill has been standing still since last Tuesday. It is not the only site in Italy experiencing production stoppages lately.» more

Hamburger postpones start of PM 2 in Spremberg by four weeks

28 Feb 2020 − Due to delays in construction, Hamburger Containerboard's new paper machine in Spremberg will produce the first batch of paper in the middle of August. » more