Sibles plans start of pulp mill in 2022

19 Jun 2018 − Russian company Sibirskiy Les (Sibles) has announced it intends to start up its new pulp mill in Krasnoyarsk in 2022. » more


Feldmuehle Uetersen taken over by Kairos Industries

18 Jun 2018 − Operations at Germany's insolvent paper producer Feldmuehle Uetersen will continue. The company announces hat the buyer of the company is investment company Kairos Industries. » more

Reno de Medici to acquire Barcelona Cartonboard

15 Jun 2018 − Italy's Reno de Medici is expanding into Spain. The company intends to take over the country's leading board producer Barcelona Cartonboard.» more

Iggesund to increase capacities and cut jobs

14 Jun 2018 − Holmen subsidiary Iggesund Paperboard wants to improve its efficiency and has announced to cut 150 jobs. The company also wants to rise paperboard capacities by 100,000 tpy.» more

Green Bay Packaging to invest $500m in recycled containerboard machine

13 Jun 2018 − US company Green Bay Packaging will invest roughly $500m in the construction of a new recycled containerboard mill and the expansion of the company’s shipping container division. » more

Sellers and buyers expect WFU paper prices
in Germany to go up

13 Jun 2018 − With negotiations about fine paper prices just around the corner, most buyers think that they will not be able to avoid paying more. Suppliers have hardly any room to manoeuvre as raw material costs are causing too much...» more


Brazilian truckers’ strike expected to squeeze hardwood pulp supply

12 Jun 2018 − The truck drivers’ strike in Brazil, the world’s largest producing country for eucalyptus pulp, has led to significant production downtime in the country’s pulp industry and also entailed severe delays in pulp...» more

Logson Group acquiring Cardboard Box Company

12 Jun 2018 − Logson Group has acquired Cardboard Box Company, „one of the UK's finest sheet plants“, according to Alex Kelly, CEO of Logson Group. » more

Kaicell wants to produce more pulp at planned mill

11 Jun 2018 − The new pulp mill Kaicell is planning to construct in Finland might produce up to 600,000 instead of 500,000 tpy of pulp. A next step in the planning process has been taken.» more

Sequana's Wizernes mill to be sold and rebuilt

08 Jun 2018 − It seems as if Sequana is ready to sell its Wizernes paper mill in France. The former fine paper mill might be converted to produce packaging papers in the future.» more