Fine paper manufacturers announce price increase

14 Sep 2017 − Another price round has started for coated woodfree paper. Manufacturers are planning hikes as from October. Uncoated grades are to become more expensive as well, if they get their way.» more


Hamburger Containerboard's new PM to be installed in Turkey

13 Sep 2017 − Hamburger Containerboard has opted for Turkey - and not Germany - as the location for its new containerboard machine. The company will build a new paper mill in the country. » more

Norske Skog: BOD to launch new restructuring proposal, SSN holders issue acceleration notice

13 Sep 2017 − Publication paper company Norske Skog is working to launch a new restructuring proposal on 18 September, but 2019 SSN holders have issued an acceleration notice, declaring immediate maturity of all debt under the SSN.» more

Norske Skog announces plan for new recapitalisation proposal, Citibank issues acceleration notice for 2019 SSN

12 Sep 2017 − New recapitalisation proposal is expected to be presented next Monday. 2019 SSN trustee Citibank, however, issued an acceleration notice and declared immediate maturity of all monetary obligations under the SSN.» more

Kruger to venture into specialty papers, reduces publication paper capacities

11 Sep 2017 − The diversification is pursued in partnership with the Government of Québec. Government's agent Investissement Québec will acquire 37.5% stake in Kruger Specialty Papers.» more


Billerud Korsnäs halts production at Karlsborg

07 Sep 2017 − A fire broke out at Billerud Korsnäs' Swedish site in Karlsborg. Kraft paper and market pulp production is currently down.» more

Newsprint PM in Madrid to be halted in mid-September

06 Sep 2017 − International Paper specifies its plans on the planned closure of newsprint production in Madrid. The company said it would halt PM 62 in mid-September.» more

France: fresh round of price talks for fine paper shipments in September

06 Sep 2017 − Prices for woodfree coated and uncoated paper remained largely stable on the French market in August.» more

Prices for ordinary RCP grades in France down again

05 Sep 2017 − Recovered paper prices remain volatile in France. Complications in export activity with China have led to prices reductions in the country.» more