UK retailer Morrisons to introduce paper carrier bags in all stores

05 Apr 2019 − UK retailer Morrisons has announced it will offer paper carrier bags to all customers in a move which might remove 1,300 t of single use plastic bags each year. » more


Caustic soda market Western Europe: High supply makes NaOH prices plummet

05 Apr 2019 − Price reductions are the predominant issue in negotiations for caustic soda deliveries in the second quarter of 2019.» more

Chinese authorities publish 5th batch of licences for RCP imports

04 Apr 2019 − With a total volumes 2.22 million t, the 5th batch was smaller than many experts had hoped for. The total volume YTD now stands at 7.76 million t. » more

Consolidation on French corrugated packaging market:
CGW to acquire Lacaux Frères

04 Apr 2019 − CGW strengthens its position on the corrugated packaging market in France. The company adds 60 million m² of corrugated board to its capacities by acquiring French company Lacaux Frères.» more

Wepa to continue selling Greenfield
deinked pulp to third parties

04 Apr 2019 − The integration of the Greenfield site will expand Wepa's recovered paper processing capacity and optimize its supply chain, in order to meet the high demand for tissue products with recycled fibre content.» more

Alpla and Billerud Korsnäs form joint venture to develop paper bottle

03 Apr 2019 − A bottle made of paper? Alpla and Billerud Korsnäs are working to make this true. Future generations of paper bottles will be fully bio-based and will have biodegradable barriers, the companies predict.» more


Indonesia postpones stricter regulations
on recovered paper imports

03 Apr 2019 − Indonesia has revised a decision concerning recovered paper imports. A 100% pre-shipment inspection rate and a 0.5% contamination limit will not be implemented yet, after all.» more

Mounting pressure on publication paper prices in Italy

03 Apr 2019 − Slow demand and abundant supply are shaping business in many segments of the Italian paper and board market.» more

Cereal starch prices may come under pressure in Q2 negotiations

02 Apr 2019 − The market, which was overheated in 2018 at times, has calmed down and is reportedly showing signs of weakness at certain points.» more

UPM to shut down LWC paper machine in Germany

02 Apr 2019 − Demand for LWC and other mechanical paper has been declining steadily during the past ten years. This has led UPM to decide on the closure of a PM in Plattling.» more