Bernice Andrew new Group Procurement Director at Logson Group

Logson Group has appointed Bernice Andrew as new Group Procurement Director to streamline and optimise purchasing capabilities across all brands.

Having worked in the corrugated sector for over 15 years, Ms Andrew brings a wealth of industry and purchasing experience and has a full MCIPS qualification, according to Logson.

“Logson Group is an exciting prospect for me to augment the knowledge I have gained within the corrugated industry, and I am looking forward to this new chapter. Initially concentrating on raw materials, with compliance and sustainability at the forefront, I know that I can deliver group synergies whilst keeping the autonomy that gives the local business units their solid reputation in the market,” Ms Andrew stated.

Before joining Logson Group, Ms Andrew was responsible for creating and managing the procurement department, along with developing the strategic alignment for VPK Packaging Ltd.

David Richardson, CEO, Logson Group commented; “Bernice is a great addition to the senior team at Logson and brings a skill set that will complement the business as it pushes ahead with its strategic plans."

The Logson Group is a UK based group of packaging companies (Board24, Boxes and Packaging, Cases24, Jardin Corrugated Cases, Boxshop, Cardboard Box Company, Red Rose Packaging and Durham Box) with a total staff of 1,300 people and sales in excess of £400m annually. 

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