Norske Skog Golbey postpones start-up of recycled containerboard production

Rebuilt PM 1 will start-up in Q2 2024, Norske Skog explained.

Norske Skog has postponed the start-up of rebuilt recycled containerboard machine PM 1 at the Golbey mill from the fourth quarter this year to second quarter next year.

The start-up was "moved to Q2 2024 to reflect revised time plan for installation work", Norske Skog explained. In this way, the start-up of PM 1 is to be aligned with commissioning of new biomass boiler from Green Valley Energy, a joint-venture co-generation plant in which the French financial investor Pearl Infrastructure Capital is the majority shareholder with 80 per cent, and Veolia Industries Global Solutions and Norske Skog are holding 10 per cent each.

The co-generation plant will combust 230,000 t of waste wood and about 20,000 t of pulping and recycling residues from paper production per year. According to Norske Skog, the power plant will be the largest co-generation plant of its kind in France. Once completed, the CHP plant is to have an electrical output of 200 GWh which will be fed into the national grid. The 700 GWh of heat produced by the plant each year are to be used as process heat and steam by the Golbey mill.

Production on 250,000 tpy newsprint PM 1 at the Golbey mill was discontinued in the fourth quarter 2022. PM 1 is to be converted by Voith to 550,000 t recycled containerboard machine and will boost Norske Skog's total containerboard capacity to 760,000 tpy. Norske Skog started commercial production of recycled containerboard on the rebuilt 210,000 tpy PM 3 at the Bruck mill in Austria in the second quarter. The ramp-up is reportedly going according to plan and Norske Skog expects deliveries to increase from approximately 10,000 t in the second quarter to twice that much in the third quarter of the year. 

In addition to PM 1, Norske Skog Golbey mill also houses a newsprint machine PM 2. The machine has a trimmed width of 9.7 m and can produce 330,000 tpy of newsprint with a de-inked pulp (DIP) content of 100 per cent.

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