Norske Skog Saugbrugs SC paper machine PM 6 to remain offline through H1 2024

A rockslide hit Norske Skog Saugbrugs mill in Halden, Norway on 27 April this year, damaging buildings and equipment related to the SC paper machine PM 6. As a result, PM 6 had to be temporarily shut down and will likely remain offline until the end of the second quarter 2024.

Norway's publication and packaging paper manufacturer Norske Skog is still working on restoring the damage at the Saugbrugs mill caused by the rockslide at the end of April. Main work so far has been to "secure the site [and] remove rocks and debris to get access to the paper machine," the company explained. The extent of damage and necessary rebuild and reconstruction work is yet to be determined.

Production on PM 6 had been interupted and the machine would likely remain offline through the first half 2024, Norske Skog said. According to Norske Skog, the Saugbrugs mill has insurance covering property damages and business interruption for a period of up to 18 months.

PM 6 is geared for a production capacity of 260,000 tpy of supercalendered (SC) paper for offset and rotogravure printing. The Saugbrugs mill also houses a second, smaller SC paper machine PM 4, which is geared for a production capacity of 100,000 tpy. PM 4 did not suffer any damage during the April-rockslide and continued regular production.

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