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Canada's forest sector warns of woodchip shortage

20 Apr 2020 − Temporary closures at Canada's sawmills start being felt by pulp and paper mills. FPAC asks for government support amid the coronavirus crisis.» more


Rayonier stops newsprint production and sawmills in response to Covid-19

26 Mar 2020 − Rayonier Advanced Materials will take downtime at mills which are not deemed essential in times of coronavirus. Severals sawmills and newsprint production are affected.» more

Metsä Tissue to build new tissue paper machine at Mariestad mill

12 Sep 2019 − Production of fresh fibre tissue is a sustainable alternative to recovered fibre based products, that are suffering from a continuous decline in the availability and quality of recycled fibre, the company stressed.» more

Canfor Pulp extends commercial downtime at Talyor BCTM pulp mill

09 Sep 2019 − Output at Taylor BCTM pulp mill will be reduced by a total of 65,000 t in the third quarter.» more