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PM 2 at Burgo Duino could be ready for start-up next year

14 Feb 2019 − The latest developments concerning Burgo's Duino mill suggest that the conversion of PM 2 to the production of coreboard will be realised. If the next steps are put into practise as planned, the rebuild might be...» more


LWC production at Burgo's Duino mill down due to strike

08 Feb 2019 − There are plans for investments at Burgo's Duino site. However, the company has announced job cuts. The workforce is responding by downing tools.» more

Cartiera di Rivignano to get €500,000 capital increase

16 Jan 2019 − Italy's Cartiera di Rivignano, a manufacturer of paper for food contact, is planning a capital increase and several investments.» more

Containerboard prices continue to spiral lower in Italy in December

18 Dec 2018 − Prices for brown recycled containerboard continued to decline in Italy in December, and white testliner and brown kraftliner started to become cheaper, too. » more