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Recycled corrugated case material prices to remain unchanged in Germany in June

10 Jun 2021 − The continued price rise for recycled containerboard has finally come to a halt in Germany in June. » more


Some publication paper prices in Italy set to rise further in June or July

02 Jun 2021 − Publication paper producers are looking back to a very challenging year. Suppliers to the Italian market have therefore recently started to implement price hikes where possible and plan further mark-ups for June or July.» more

Germany: threat of a bubble is growing on the cartonboard market

12 May 2021 − Market players in Germany quote lead times of up to ten weeks for recycled board and up to 16 weeks for GC board.» more

Newsprint producers making waves by announcing much higher prices in Germany

11 May 2021 − Newsprint manufacturers have caused a stir by unveiling plans to institute substantial price hikes for newsprint in Germany. » more