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Cartonboard prices rise to record heights in Germany as market tensions increase

19 Jan 2022 − The state of affairs on Germany’s cartonboard market had not improved at the start of the new year. On the contrary, many EUWID sources companies think that it is actually deteriorating.» more


Kraftliner buyers in Germany have to pay more in December

14 Dec 2021 − Prices for brown kraftliner in Germany increased in December, defying converters’ hopes to cut or defer the hike.» more

Recycled containerboard prices stabilise in Germany

07 Dec 2021 − Calm has been restored to price negotiations on Germany's recycled corrugated case material market in early December. Prices have stopped increasing and it does not look like they will do so in January, despite...» more

The upward trend in cartonboard prices continues in Germany

19 Nov 2021 − Recycled cartonboard prices edged higher again in November. Primary fibre-based grades look set to become more expensive from 1 January at the latest. » more