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Stora Enso to rebuild Oulu PM 7 with Valmet

19 Jun 2019 − Valmet will supply the extensive paper machine grade conversion rebuild for Stora Enso Oulu mill in Finland. » more


Stora Enso Ingerois mill set to take market-related downtime

03 Jun 2019 − The folding boxboard market is experiencing a short-term demand-suplpy imbalance, the company says.» more

Stora Enso Oulo to cease CWF paper production at the end of September 2020

28 May 2019 − Stora Enso has confirmed its recently published plans to convert its Oulu fine paper mill in Finland into a kraftliner mill.» more

Stora Enso mulls temporary output cutback at Ingerois board mill

08 May 2019 − Co-determination negotiations on temporary layoffs of of up to 180 Ingerois mill employees in the period 1 June to 31 December started last Monday.» more