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UK unveils emergency no-deal Brexit plan to slash tariffs

13 Mar 2019 − The UK will axe the vast majority of tariffs on imports to the UK under a no-deal Brexit, at least temporarily, the British government confirmed today according to British media reports.» more


Price erosion on the market for CCM remains unstoppable in Germany in March

12 Mar 2019 − The price erosion on the market for unbleached recycled corrugated case material in Germany continued in March.» more

Germany: WFU paper producer mull new round of price hikes

07 Mar 2019 − Fine paper manufacturers have not entirely abandoned plans to charge more for woodfree uncoated paper on the market in Germany.» more

VDP expresses concern about the energy and climate policy in Germany

26 Feb 2019 − The German paper industry's federation fears that the exit from nuclear and coal power might jeopardise energy supply to pulp and paper companies and impact their ability to compete on international markets.» more