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China issues new licences for import of recovered paper

15 Jul 2019 − On 10 July, Chinese authorities published new licences for import of recovered paper for the third quarter. Import batch no. 10 covers a volume of roughly 1.7 million t of recovered paper.» more


Indonesia introduces ISRI standards for recovered paper imports

02 Jul 2019 − After reversing course in spring, Indonesian authorities will now introduce more inspections and require compliance with quality standards for recovered paper imports.» more

Saica starts PM after fire in Zaragoza in August

27 Jun 2019 − Spanish paper and packaging manufacturer Saica will restart containerboard production on PM 6 in Zaragoza in August. » more

Stora Enso Ingerois mill set to take market-related downtime

03 Jun 2019 − The folding boxboard market is experiencing a short-term demand-suplpy imbalance, the company says.» more