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New recovered paper import licenses for China published

13 May 2019 − Chinese authorities have issued the seventh batch of licences for the import of recovered paper into their country this year.» more


Chinese authorities release sixth batch of licences for recovered paper imports

23 Apr 2019 − The new batch brings the total volume of recovered paper licences year-to-date to nearly 8 million t. » more

Chinese authorities publish 5th batch of licences for RCP imports

04 Apr 2019 − With a total volumes 2.22 million t, the 5th batch was smaller than many experts had hoped for. The total volume YTD now stands at 7.76 million t. » more

UK unveils emergency no-deal Brexit plan to slash tariffs

13 Mar 2019 − The UK will axe the vast majority of tariffs on imports to the UK under a no-deal Brexit, at least temporarily, the British government confirmed today according to British media reports.» more