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Price hikes for recycled containerboard in Germany

25 Mar 2020 − Recycled containerboard prices rose in Germany in March. While recovered paper prices were low, experts pointed to tightening supply in the corrugated case material segment.» more


UK experts fear collapse of recovered fibre collection volumes

24 Mar 2020 − As the coronavirus crisis starts to hit the UK as well, insiders in the recovered paper business fear that collection volumes will "fall off the cliff."» more

German brown kraftliner prices unchanged in March

18 Mar 2020 − Packaging paper manufacturers had announced a price hike for kraftliner deliveries in March. The prices hikes are now being postponed to April.» more

Coronavirus creates uncertainty about pulp market development in mid-March

17 Mar 2020 − The European pulp market in the second week of March was under the pall of uncertainty arising from the spread of the coronavirus.» more