Inspections of recovered paper imports to Malaysia might be delayed

Cargo inspector at port inspection container
Cargo inspector at port inspection container
29 Oct 2021 − 

As announced, Malaysia will introduce inspections for imports of waste paper on 1 November 2021. Isik Bink of inspection company CWM International told EUWID, there is a "substantial chance" that the introduction will be postponed by two months.

It is recommended for exporters to regularly check for updates on the website of the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry (www.miti.gov.my).

There will be two types of inspection procedures, depending on whether exporters operate a Sirim-certified sorting facility (MRF) or not. Exporters without this certificate must have pre-shipment (and in some cases post-shipment) inspections carried out, while there will be inspections at the local factory storage yard in Malaysia for material sent by exports which operate a Sirim-certified MRF.

In future, only shipments of old corrugated cardboard packaging and cartons (OCC) as well as wood-free and wood-containing recovered paper grades (HS code 4707 100, 200 and 300) will be possible, while mixed paper is banned. The requirements of the list of the European standard grades (EN 643) will apply as quality standards for inspections.

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