Burgo announces price hike for coated fine papers

After having announced plans to increase prices for uncoated woodfree paper, Burgo now informed customers it wanted to rise coated paper prices too.

The price increase will amount to at least 7 per cent and will be implemented in all markets starting from January deliveries, the company announced.

This announcement follows previous communication related to all uncoated grades (sheets, reels, copy, ink jet) and it is a necessary step considering negative trend of raw material costs which are expected to have a continuous growth with a heavy impact on profitability.

Other suppliers of fine paper have already informed customers about their plans for similar steps too.

However, critics doubt that the current market situation with low demand and oversupply will really enable price increases.

But paper suppliers have already been successful in one respect: the current price negotiations on fine paper markets no longer focus on further price cuts.

Please find the full market report on Italy, Germany and the UK on our website or in this week's issue, which will be available as ePaper from Wednesday.

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