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Strike starts in Finnish paper industry

27 Jan 2020 − Today workers at Finnish paper mills haved started a strike after negotiations broke down. The strike could last even longer than originally planned. Stora Enso and UPM mills are affected, amongst others.» more


Major strike in Finnish paper industry moving closer

22 Jan 2020 − The time is running out: A two-week strike which would affect big parts of the paper industry is looming as workers' and employers' representatives cannot agree on the terms of new contracts.» more

Finnish trade unions announce two-week strike in the paper industry

20 Jan 2020 − The Finnish paper industry and other industry sectors could be paralysed for two weeks from the end of the month - a strike is looming.» more

Stora Enso considers job cuts at Varkaus kraftliner mill

04 Dec 2019 − Stora Enso's Varkaus kraftliner mill might have to lay off some employees. The company will discuss the possible elimination of up to 55 jobs at the site.» more