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Price hikes for pulp implemented in full in May

11 Jun 2021 − Further mark-ups targeted for deliveries of NBSK and BEK pulp in June.» more


Segezha to build new pulp and paper mill in Karelia

04 Jun 2021 − Segezha group partners with banks and the Karelia government to realise a giant 1.5 million tpy pulp and paper mill and create 700 jobs in the region.» more

Red Leaf Pulp to build a straw pulp mill in Canada

02 Jun 2021 − The city of Regina in the province of Saskatchewan is to house "Canada's first non-wood pulp mill". The unbleached straw pulp is to be sold for customers in the paper and packaging industry.» more

Fibre Excellence's Saint-Gaudens pulp mill standing still

28 May 2021 − A leak in the recovery boiler caused a downtime at Fibre Excellence's 290,000 tpy pulp mill in Saint-Gaudens, France. Production has been down for two weeks now.» more